Boulevard is a short fictional film that aims to end the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide. It is set in the near future, where all diseases and even death and aging have been cured. With immortality effectively achieved, the concept of suicide slips from common memory – or so it seems. Our story follows Nathan, a man who is left to pick up the pieces after his wife commits suicide in a world where depression is considered a myth and suicide is a crime. As Nathan unravels the mystery of his wife’s death, he meets others who have been affected by depression, and comes to terms with the loss he feels he could have prevented. A story of grief, wrapped in the guise of a mystery, Boulevard is a film as entertaining as it is thought-provoking, which we hope can get people talking about mental illness and suicide.


Nearly 20 million people attempt suicide worldwide each year -- that's a staggering amount. So often the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide prevent people from getting the care they need. Even when care is available, too often those suffering feel they cannot seek help. We are a group of filmmakers who believe that we must have these difficult conversations about mental illness and suicide. We believe that everyone deserves vitality. 

While our whole team feels passionately about suicide awareness and destigmatization, Jeff Holiday our leader and director is the driving force behind this project. Nine years ago his grandfather unfortunately took the life of his grandmother, and then his own. In the time since, Jeff has also known four others who have also committed suicide. While he has learned to deal with these personal tragedies, healing does not stop there. He believes by raising awareness, through storytelling and filmmaking, he can now help others. 


In addition to accepting donations through this website, we are also accepting mailed contributions. Checks may be made payable to Legacy Road Pictures LLC and sent to the following address:  

Ball State University, Dept. of Telecommunications, 2000 W. University Ave., BC 201-Muncie, IN 47306-0540

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Final design subject to change

Final design subject to change



  • Fliers, posters, and other promotional materials
  • Travel for auditions and location scouting
  • Casting


  • Cast
  • Props and wardrobe
  • Cinematography and lighting + additional equipment 
  • Location sound 
  • Additional support crew
  • Location fees and permits
  • Insurance fees
  • Travel and lodging


  • Editing and color grade  
  • Music
  • Sound mix
  • Film festival fees
  • Premiere

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(Photo: Jessica Ebelhar/The Courier-Journal)

(Photo: Jessica Ebelhar/The Courier-Journal)

Soon after the death of D. Wayne Hinton in 2005, his family closed the Newkirk Drugs business he had operated in Portland for more than 30 years and shifted customers as quickly as possible to a chain pharmacy, so they could still get their medications.

Hinton, 64, sometimes had help at the store, which had been a drugstore long before he took it over, from his wife, Shelby J. Hinton, 67, retired office manager at F. Wolkow and Sons in west Louisville at the time of her death that year.

Jeff Holiday, a grandson, recalled the couple earlier this week as loving grandparents who were more like second parents to him — and the initial period after their deaths as shocking and incomprehensible....

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